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22 Jan 2010

Oliver Dudok van Heel on Local Currencies, Transition and the Lewes Pound

In late September 2009 in Amsterdam, at an event called Picnic ’09, Oliver Dudok van Heel of the Lewes Pound CIC gave a talk about Transition and the role of local currencies.  It was beautifully filmed, and an excellent talk.  Thanks to Oliver, and to the organisers for making this available.  Good to see that the guy at 6:08 is paying attention…

PICNIC ’09: Alternative Currency in Practice with Christian Nold & Oliver Dudok van Heel from PICNICCrossmediaweek on Vimeo.

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Ben Leeman
22 Jan 11:03am

Yes, I want to be part of the solution too.

I live in Australia in the Melbourne Metropolitan area in the City of Whitehorse. We have a somewhat similar movement to Transition Towns called “Sustainability Streets” and currently there are five of such hubs in our municipality. see

Congratulations for initiating and developing alternative policies. We need to introduce a similar local currency to replace Australian dollars for local trading.

A local journal, “New Community Quarterly” promotes community development see
We would welcome an article on this topic. Thanks!

Ben Leeman
9 Jeffery Street, Blackburn, Victoria Australia 3130
Tel+613 9029 3312

Ben Brangwyn
22 Jan 11:25am

FYI, it’s only 15 mins long and I highly recommend it. Ben.

Gary Alexander
22 Jan 12:35pm

Good short talk. A nice, succinct introduction to Transition and also to the Lewes pound.

What struck me is that the Lewes pound, with its 5% surcharge, effectively includes a local tax under community control, not government control, used for community purposes. A neat device, beyond raising awareness and promoting the local economy.

Alejandro Ahumada
22 Jan 6:19pm

Who is actually in charge of printing the Lewes Pound?
How do you control that this person/group doesn’t go around spending money for free?
Finally. How do you distribute the Lewes Pound?

Steve Atkins
22 Jan 6:42pm

Hi Alejandro

Check out the FAQ’s here:

Penny Walker
22 Jan 6:44pm

Hey Oliver

Groovy lectern!

I enjoyed this clear talk.



22 Jan 6:45pm

Alejandro: There is a pdf guide to how they set-up their currency that was linked to on here before.

Gary: according to the guide they no longer have the 5% charge as traders didn’t like it. They do still have a fund though, financed through “leakage” (i.e. notes that aren’t traded back for sterling before their use by date).

Alejandro Ahumada
22 Jan 7:07pm

Thanks a million for the links.


23 Jan 4:40pm

Nice talk. He didn’t appear to get his money back though. 🙂