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10 Dec 2009

Your Free Guide to Setting Up Local Currencies

lewes pound guide coverTransition Network is delighted to be able to present the first in an occasional series of pdf. only ‘How to’ guides, focusing on the experience of the Lewes Pound, and how to set up a similar scheme.  Written by Oliver Oliver Dudok van Heel, one of the scheme’s founders, it is a clear and concise guide, a delicious taster for Pete North’s ‘Local Money’, (the second in the ‘Transition Books’ series, after ‘Local Food’) due out in March.  To help us cover the costs of its production, we’d really appreciate donations along the lines of what you think it is worth to you and how helpful you found it.  You can download the guide here, and make donations via the button below.  We hope you find it useful.

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Penny Walker
11 Dec 10:30am

Nice one, Oliver!


11 Dec 1:40pm

sorry if this is a bit dim – I’m trying to donate, but don’t know the email contact to put into pay pal…

12 Dec 12:45pm

Great, thanks!

Will add this to my collection of money related pdfs 🙂

12 Dec 12:47pm

…and to my collection of pdfs related to Transition, Relocalisation and Resilience 🙂

12 Dec 9:26pm

Hi Eva… will check on Monday, and post it here.. thanks!

Collin S. Ferguson
16 Dec 3:12am

Hello, my name is Collin S. Ferguson I am working to set up a local currency/trade exchange in Portland, Oregon. I highly, highly suggest everyone read Thomas Greco’s new book, “The End of Money and the Future of Civilization.”

[…] Guide to Setting up Local Currencies – The Transistion Culture blog offers up a pdf on their experiences creating the Lewes Pound, an alternative currency in the UK. Like any alternative currency the goal is to promote greater local economic growth through regionally limited, globally de-coupled money. […]

27 Dec 3:59am

Jct: I wish there were time for me to check whether they link their currency to time and if they teach any fatal flaws.

22 Jan 6:51pm

The donate button doesn’t appear to be working.

Jct: it is not in any way linked to time. It works like Berkshares. Its a nice first step towards more radical/ empowering community/ complementary currencies, and helps raise awareness of some important issues, but being linked to sterling doesn’t actually generate and new currency for the local economy (it merely helps circulate a small portion of the money in the area around the local economy a little bit more before it is traded back into sterling and leaves again).

Still, great work in my opinion.

22 Jan 6:52pm

PS – by being linked to sterling I mean that the only way to get hold of some Lewes Pounds is to purchase them with sterling. They are basically a local gift voucher.

22 Jan 6:54pm

(although, note the future section of the guide where they very briefly envisage a future when they would break their link to sterling and would be redeemable for locally produced renewable energy)

24 Jan 1:56am

Tom Greco’s book The End of Money and the Future of Civilisation can be purchased through Living Economies Educational Trust
We also have a huge range of books, dvds and other resources about complementary currencies.