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9 Dec 2009

‘In Transition’: now available to view, in full, free, online!

As I trailed yesterday, ‘In Transition’ is now available to view in full on YouTube (apart from Part 3, following soon)… don’t forget that you can also buy copies of the DVD which feature the film itself as well as hours of wonderful Transitioney extras; find out more here.  Anyway, sit back and enjoy.  We love it.

Part Two | Part Three (to come) | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

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Robert Felker
9 Dec 6:53pm

Brilliantly done (part 1 anyway, I’ll watch the other parts when time allows). This, along with The Story Of Stuff, ought to be seen by everyone. We (humans) may reverse the damage we’ve been doing to the biosphere if enough of us are shown, and are convinced about the necessity of, how to make the changes necessary locally to impact, in the aggregate, this global crisis. It will take nothing short of that, and we may not succeed. The culture of greed is powerful and deeply entrenched, and its primary supporters are doing everything money can buy to maintain the status quo including co-opting the green movement in order to bring in still more profits.

James R. Martin
9 Dec 7:23pm

Wow! This is very exciting! Having this online will do much to promote this crucial work! Thank you!

James R. Martin
9 Dec 9:27pm

I have now watched the entire film, and I wanted to share with readers here that I was on several occasions actually moved to tears. This may be surprising, and I may seem overly sensitive…, but watching this film made me realize just how alienating it is to live with knowledge of these very risky matters while most folks around me aren’t actually engaged in transitioning.

To watch people honestly, actively and collaboratively doing something–anything–toward building a viable post-carbon world, while also building genuine cooperative community, is to look directly at what I so much need, but lack. There are no surrogates that can fill that unmet need (e.g., consumer baubles, status in the form of conspicuous consumption). All there is for me is to look unflinchingly at that lack and … turn it into a gift.

10 Dec 7:26pm

Nice, i like it for what i’ve seen (part 1). I’d hope there could something in it about decreasing meat consumption, as it is one of the major issues in dealing with climate change!!

I also want to say that there is a new documentary out (though a very very doom one) but i find it worth mentioning. It is calles ‘Collapse’ and features Michael Ruppert.

11 Dec 11:39pm

Excellent that it is now available to view on youtube! (I’ve not seen it yet!)

Just wanted to ask if you are still planning to make it freely available to download (?) as promised here where it states:

“Available for download on “pay what you think it’s worth” basis: 1-Dec-09 – “home showings only” licence”

Thanks for clarification 🙂

11 Dec 11:54pm

PS – in the meantime I’m using to download all 6 parts, but it’d be nice to have one big high quality file to download using bittorrent 🙂

(btw, for some reason I can’t watch part 3 on youtube because it says there are copyright issues)

12 Dec 12:25pm

Hi Josef,
We have done a lot of looking into this. In the end, the amount of server space needed for this was very costly, and apparently when Radiohead did it, it was done at a loss. Having it streaming online with a password was tricky too, so in the end we went for the YouTube route. Part 3 is temporarily held up as it contains footage from Channel 4’s River Cottage series (the bit where HFW comes to Totnes to see the Garden Share scheme) which YouTube thought we had no permissions for, but we do, so those are currently being sorted out with them. In the end, rather than the DVD and the download being ;home showings licence only’, what we have done is put it on YouTube and produced the DVD, but the DVD now comes with a show it in public, organise screenings permission.

12 Dec 12:43pm

Thanks Rob,

Just ordered the DVD 🙂

For those dying to watch part 3 (its one of the best parts!), despite not being able to see it online yet (whilst the copyright issues are sorted) you can still download it