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15 Feb 2010

Die Transition Towns-Bewegung – Städte und Menschen im Wandel

…which according to my trusty Babelfish means “The Transition Towns movement – cities and humans in the change”, or something.  Anyway, here’s a great short film for German speakers out there, featuring Brixton, Totnes and a Transition Training somewhere…  but sufficiently understandable to be a very interesting way for non-German speakers to pass 8 minutes.  Congratulations also to Transition Town Lewes for making the Independent on Sunday magazine this weekend.

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Bart Anderson
15 Feb 10:23pm

Originally appeared on GlobalMag as part of the ArteTV network (French/German).

What is posted here looks like a German translation of a French broadcast. I found a summary of the French version here (dated Feb 3, 2010:

But I cannot find a French version of the video.

The GlobalMag has lots of interesting articles related to sustainability in German and French.


Wendy Anne Flanagan
16 Feb 6:05pm

My first language is English.
The sense of togetherness and community cohesion with each other is discernably WOW, truly divine.