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9 Mar 2010

Chris Martenson Speaks at the House of Commons

While Chris Martenson was in the UK recently, Peter Lipman and myself did an interview with him, which was fascinating and wonderful, but the memory chip it was on just got corrupted before I could download it and it is lost.  Gah.  As a meagre way of overcoming the profound sense of trauma I am left with (I will try and do it again via. skype sometime soon), here is a film of the talk he did later that day in the Grand Committee Room at the Houses of Parliament for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas.  For now, you’ll just have to imagine how brilliant our interview was.

Chris Martenson from James Howard on Vimeo.

Categories: Economics, Energy, Peak Oil

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9 Mar 4:36pm


9 Mar 4:43pm

Hi Rob,

The video froze, 6 minutes 26 seconds in… Would love to listen to the rest of it! Not sure if this is a generic problem or something to do with safari browser?



9 Mar 10:33pm

Here is something about Chris Martenson in UK…:-)

Margaret Weiner
10 Mar 12:04am

Is there any way to get a link to the full version, Rob? The first 6 plus minutes are very good.

Liane Salgado
10 Mar 3:28pm

I’m having the same problem, have linked to it several different ways.

13 Mar 8:56am

Hi, i’m having the same problem too. Freezes after 6 ish mins. Any ideas?


13 Mar 12:22pm

The only solution is to download the file audio and the slides here