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16 Apr 2010

Are Transition Towns Healthy Towns?

janetAt a recent conference, organised by the Peninsula Public Health Teaching Network at Buckfast Abbey titled “Promoting Health: transforming lives – transforming communities”, Janet Richardson, Professor of Health Service Research, Faculty of Health of the University of Plymouth gave a talk about healthcare aspects of Transition.  As someone active in Transition Town Totnes she gave an overview of current projects underway in the town, and asked the question “do healthier communities become Transition communities, or does becoming a Transition community lead to increasing health and wellbeing?”  She also raises powerful questions about the tension between top down/ bottom up processes…  You can see her presentation here (it’s not formatted in a way that can be embedded).

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serene wang
16 Apr 10:36am

HiRob, try to watch the video,Professor Richardson’s presention, but can’t open the link. Would you please give the website address please. Many thanks.

16 Apr 10:41am

Hi Serene.. I just checked it… works for me.. but here is the link…
Best wishes

claude saint-jarre
17 Apr 5:05am

Hello Rob,
I will do a workshop on health and link to transition town and coops, in Montreal in May within Vivre à l’échelle locale group. May I have Janet Richardson e-mail adress? Thank you very much,

Peter Bralesford
19 Apr 5:52pm

A very interesting and thought-provoking presentation – thanks for posting it.

There is a way to embed that file. I don’t know if your blog supports HTML code, but it it does, then just copy and paste this code:

Peter Bralesford
19 Apr 5:56pm

Oh dear, it appears that that code was blocked. Here’s a link to a text file containing the correct code: