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14 Apr 2010

Presentations from the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment Conference Now Online

Recently I mentioned the Prince’s Foundation event ‘Building: a new green economy’ held in early February at St. James’s Palace, which looked at the role of green building, particularly focusing on the role local building materials might play, and the benefits they would bring.  I mentioned that the talks were filmed, and they have now been posted online.  So here they are, starting with my one (with thanks to Jeff Rubin for the ‘afford to burn’ line I used….), and followed by all the other speakers too….

First up was Hank Dittmar of the Princes’ Foundation who spoke about the Foundation’s work in relation to green building….

[Part Two here]

Then Jonathan Porritt spoke, setting that work in a wider context….

First of the 4 panel speakers was David Orr, who was interviewed recently (an hour or so after this event!) here at Transition Culture…

… then, after me, it was Tim Jackson, author of ‘Prosperity without Growth’…. excellent…

… and the final speaker was Stewart Brand, author of ‘Whole Earth Discipline’….

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Shaun Chamberlin
16 Apr 2:59am

LOVE Tim Jackson’s unconventional talk