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10 May 2010

Valuable Research Explores the Growth of Transition in Dorset

dorsetBack in 2007, UEA academic Gill Seyfang wrote that despite the growing interest in the area of Transition initiatives, there is still a “dearth of” research on the topic.  Since then, we have Gill’s studies on Transition nationally and on Transition Norwich, Niamh McDonald’s dissertation about Somerset County Council and Transition, and Alp Pir’s thesis about the TT Totnes food group, but little else.  I am delighted therefore to introduce you to to a study by Anna Höynälänmaa at Bournemouth University, entitled “Spreading Seeds of Sustainability: factors affecting the development of the Transition movement in Dorset”, which she did for her BSc dissertation.  You can download the document here.  It offers a very well put together study of how Transition is bedding down in Dorset.  Her conclusion?  “Although a young movement, the Transition Movement has clearly established a strong network of motivated and enthusiastic Initiatives in Dorset and shows great potential for growth and development”.  Many thanks to Anna for allowing me to post her thesis here.

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Harriet Stewart-Jones
11 May 9:45am

It’s worth mentioning that in the process of her research Anna developed a useful evaluation tool that encourages Transition groups to look at where they’ve been, where they are, and where they’re going in the context of the overall model. We (Transition BH Hub) certainly found it a valuable exercise and I believe that it’s available for other groups to use.

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