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14 Jun 2010

Day One of the Transition Network Conference 2010

Here is the first film that Sara and Emilio at nu-project have made of the Transition Network conference at Seale Hayne… more to follow….

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Shaun Chamberlin
15 Jun 2:52am

“Conference is a bit of a misnomer” – let’s call it something else then!

Clinton Callahan
15 Jun 9:30am

Yay for the video coverage!
Let’s call it a Collaboration!
You’ve captured the mood and energy – it leaps out at the viewer – a great introduction. What will keep me watching is more ideas. I want to learn from the participants:
What “Aha” experience did you have today?
What shocked you?
What key information did you get today?
What is possible for you now?
What useful tidbit can you give me to inspire me in my work?
Have Fun!

john thackara
15 Jun 11:47am

The word thing is tricky. I learned yesterday (from Sarah) that ‘Transition’ has negative connotations to do with Franco in Spain. In The Netherlands, “Collaboration” denotes Nazi sympathizers…’Convergence’ sounds too much like ‘The Singularity’ being promoted by techno-weirdos. I’ve been using the word ‘Encounter’ to describe events I organize – but that word sounds rather small.

‘Gathering’ – as used by the Saxons?