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14 Jul 2010

‘Transition Towns: Local Networking for Global Sustainability?’: a dissertation

Another piece of high quality research has just been produced, this time by Jonathan Balls of the University of Cambridge, entitled ‘Transition Towns: Local Networking for Global Sustainability?’

It is a very insightful and useful addition to the research literature about Transition.  One of his conclusions is: “I argue that it is the structure of Transition that is crucial to grassroots support.  As a brand and umbrella organisation, Transition is able to facilitate and foster networking potential and collective resources, which encourages participation in the model.  Yet equally important, the self‐organising nature of the model is a key attraction to people and places joining Transition.  This dual structure enables the establishment of a diverse discourse coalition, incorporated through a holistic approach to sustainability”.

You can download the document in full here.

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Bart Anderson
16 Jul 3:52am

We’d like to post selected excerpts from this dissertation by John Balls, but I can’t find his email address. Of course there would be an attribution and a link back to the original.

Could someone send us his email address?

Thank you!
Bart Anderson
energybulletin AT postcarbon DOT org
Energy Bulletin

Bart Anderson
18 Jul 4:34pm

I posted highlights from this insightful paper at Energy Bulletin:

Thank you Rob and Jonathan.

Bart / EB

John Robottom
20 Jul 9:02am

Jonathan has identified networking, within Transition Initiatives and with other environmental groups, as the strength of the Transition Movement. This has highlighted the way forward for my group.