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21 Sep 2010

The Hale Local Food Market: a short film

Here’s a great short film about the Hale Local Food Market, started by the Hale & Redlynch Transition Group (part of New Forest Transition), lead by Richard & Paula Downard.  The market takes place on the third Saturday of every month.  I love these little films of Transition on the ground…

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Brad K.
21 Sep 10:19am

It looks like there is a Transition niche for canvas and wood stalls and canopies. Maybe a bit less need for plastic and nylon tents.

James Samuel
22 Sep 5:58am

Hi Rob – Here’s a couple of short transition films from NZ. i was visiting with Jo and Bryan in Taupo (organisers of the Eco Show where TT first launched in NZ). They’re establishing a permanent Eco Show/Centre for Appropriate Technology.

Awhi Farms 1 & 2: