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14 Dec 2010

On being interviewed up a tree….

I do quite a lot of interviews, but nothing like the one I did with Henrik G. Dahle (see left).  He calls himself “a writer, artist, director of theatre and film, anxty environmentalist and social engineer”, and he is currently doing a project called UpTrees, where every day for a year he is climbing a different tree and interviewing someone.  He has climbed trees in 8 countries now, and talked to a fascinating diversity of people.  He came to Totnes, we went to Vire Island and climbed a tree and chatted for an hour.  It was all quite random (at one point my son and his new girlfriend walked by and, understandably, asked “Dad, what are you doing in that tree?”) and getting down again was much harder than getting up, but you might enjoy the transcript of our chat which is here.

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15 Dec 2:06pm

Thanks for the great link! Reminds me why I check the Transition Culture site. It’s not about “the movement”, it’s about the people in it…