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22 Feb 2011

People Make Transition Happen: a short film from Transition Malvern Hills

I wrote a while ago about the wonderful event that was the Unleashing of Transition Malvern Hills.  I mentioned that at the event they showed a 20 minute film, drawing together some of the different work underway in the area.  That film is now online, and you can watch it below….

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Patricia Kahler
22 Feb 10:41am

Great to see Children Being taught Ecology!
Great Ideas For Transition from Fossil Fuels!
Surely People are happier this way!
Heres to the Children! They are our Future!
Best wishes to the Transitional Towns Movement!
What a simple Solution to solve so many probelems!
We are armed with the Tools and Resources!
Now we must take Action!
We are a Base group of 10 in the Shoalhaven City N.S.W Australia that are organising a Change for adaption in these very trying times!
Luv and Peace to all!

Jo Homan
22 Feb 11:10am

woah, vegan chocolate fudge cake – I’m booking my ticket! Well done Malvern Hills for a brilliant video.