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23 Feb 2011

The Intergalactic Health and Safety Inspectorate 6

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Zorah Staar
23 Feb 9:14pm

Hi! I just don’t find the new cartoons very funny at all, and I don’t think they are helpful to the Transition cause either, not as lead posts on the website. I am trying to refer new local people to good lead Transition resources, and I think the cartoons make me reluctant to give people a link to Could they be a sidebar item, for those who choose to look at them? (e.g. “here’s this week’s cartoon”)

Maxine Walker
24 Feb 1:20am

I agree with Zorah however I only forward posts I deem worthy to my Transition Snoqualmie Valley group so no harm done.

24 Feb 1:58am

I also have no idea how this is relevant at all to Transition. Of the substantial volume of mail that arrives in my box from this site, I rarely now have time to read it but I did click on this one – and am now considering unsubscribing! If this is representative of the signal to noise ratio it explains why I get messages almost every other day, but sadly also suggests few of them are worth reading.

Shaun Chamberlin
25 Feb 3:54pm

Have to agree that this ‘drip drip’ approach probably isn’t the best for this material, at least at this stage.

Having been lucky enough to see the whole series, I devoured it eagerly in one sitting, but I think I would just find one strip every few days a little frustrating (wasn’t the original plan two at a time, at least?). And as others have commented, at present it’s hard to know where the narrative is heading.

I’ve taken a different approach on my website of putting all the strips on a single page and adding more as they are released (so as not to get ahead of your releases). This allows those who are interested to check in whenever it suits them, and latecomers to catch up on the whole story to date in one place:

But maybe other readers are enjoying the current Transition Culture approach?