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24 Oct 2011

A Story of Transition in 10 Objects: Number 6. A bulb of garlic

With The Transition Companion formally released this Thursday, it’s time for another ‘Story of Transition in 10 Objects’ film, this time about the Green Valley Grocer in Slaithwaite.  It’s one of the stories people particularly enjoyed from September’s round up.

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25 Oct 7:17am

re Garlic: I love that you caught on that it comes all the way from China as it does to us here in Canada. It is amusing to see how identical your bulb is to the stuff they ship here. Manitoba is known for it’s agriculture and over the past century and more, our farmers and market producers have grown dozens of species of garlic bulbs… large, small, purple, white, striped-purple, soft-neck, hard-neck, strong, mild… garlic originiating from all over the world, now native in Canada. Yet anything arriving from China looks and tastes like what it is – some GMO clone, with less than acceptable flavour or nutrient levels.
Good for you folks – a big thumbs up – just keep those hoes and spades digging and enjoy your bounties in good health.