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1 Nov 2011

New from Transition Network! A guide to embedding diversity and inclusion in Transition

For the past year, Catrina Pickering has been Transition Network’s diversity person, developing trainings networks and insights around Transition and how initiatives might better embed diversity and inclusion in their work.  Sadly, the funding for her post recently came to an end, but before she moved on, we asked her to distil her learnings and accumulated wisdom into a guide for Transition initiatives.  So, hot off the press, here it is, your fantastic, free, 25 page guide to embedding diversity and inclusion in your Transition initiative or community project.  Pass it around, and do let us know what you think.

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Trish Knox
1 Nov 8:54pm

Excellent! I feel my cells firing/charging as I read the words and see pictures of people in my world community.

I will make copies and gather folks to read and discuss as a group.

Inspiration is like wild fire…and Transition is a good source. Have a dose of Transition to get enlivened and to enliven others. Pass it on…

7 Nov 10:20pm

Diversity is an artefact of a high energy society – a euphemism for divide and rule where a small ruling elite use mass immigration to destroy the social cohesion of the lower classes – and wasn’t possible here in England until 1970s. And it won’t be possible after a transition to a low energy society. The UK elite must let go of their neo-imperialist fantasy that they can continue to rule without consent using this undemocratic ideology.
There just won’t be the energy needed for the current highly sophisticated system of repression, nor the current lack of social cohesion. Society will need to be simple and populist once again. So sorry, the post transition future will also be post diversity. Diversity was just a very temporary phase.

Muzammal Hussain
21 Nov 4:32pm

Well done Catrina with your valuable efforts in getting this together, and all the best for the future. We’re sharing the link through WIN.