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27 Jan 2012

Five questions for Emma Goude, producer of ‘In Transition 2.0’

It’s less than a week to go until ‘In Transition 2.0’ is previewed in each of the places whose stories appear in the film.  For example, it will be previewed in a fire station in Moss Side in Manchester, a community centre in Lyttelton in New Zealand that was one of only a few buildings there to survive the earthquake (their screening starts at 9am), a Hindu temple in Tooting in London, a ‘Cinema Paradiso’ in a village in rural India, and in a village hall in Japan (see here for the full list of previews).  I caught up with producer Emma Goude to ask her 5 quick questions about the film.

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Christer Soderberg
27 Jan 9:21am

Brilliant! Can’t wait to see it! How do I order a DVD (to show at Open World Café)? /Christer

27 Jan 10:15am

Thank you Emma! Thank you for directing and supporting our fellow transitioners for this great and very needed project! Can’t wait to see it and share it with our Community, ciao!

Trish Knox
28 Jan 1:57am

Happy New Year…2012! Been awhile since I’ve been in contact. This film is the “good news” I’ve been wanting to feed my senses and the senses of people world wide. It’s critical to link our solutions into one unified and synergetic network. I’m so happy to be In Transition with you all.

julia whatley
28 Jan 10:18am

I am hoping to get people from my village round for an evening. No one here is interested in Transition or Peak Oil in my village. Going to have to start somewhere..

Paul Shepherd
28 Jan 11:55pm

Congratulations to Emma and to all involved in the making of this movie on the preview launch of what I think is a really good film on the Transition movement in 2011.

My friends and I will be hosting the preview showing of In Transition 2.0 this Thursday at 8pm in a local community hall (Maron Hall – maron is from French meaning chestnut – the area is famous for chestnut groves) in Koganei which is on a train line half way between central Tokyo and Fujino (which features in the movie). A number of people from Fujino (including Tetsu who features in the film) as well as people from other Transition Towns in the greater Tokyo area are expected to take part in this preview event. If you live in the Tokyo area please come to this event.

I helped coordinate the video footage from Japan with Emma and I have been working with a translation team in Japan creating Japanese subtitles for the movie so I know the movie pretty well and I have been thinking about this movie in the context of other movies:

‘The End of Suburbia’ says our present lifestyle is no-longer possible because of peak oil that re-localization is the only viable solution.
‘The 11th Hour’ says our present lifestyle is no-longer possible because of environmental destruction / climate change and that technological & social innovation is the solution. ‘The Economics of Happiness’ says that ‘business as usual’ & a growth-based economy on a finite planet will lead to the end of our species and that a more localized economy could be a happier place to live and a more environmentally- friendly place to live.
‘In Transition 2.0’ shows real life stories of people around the world in the challenging process (a 5-stage process as outlined in The Transition Companion) of moving their communities towards to the solutions offered by the other 3 movies. In my view, the first 3 films say why we need to change and the 4th film (In Transition 2.0) shows the process of how to change.