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20 Jan 2012

It’s the January podcast – award winning markets, 60,000 trees and cardboard cafes!

Here is the January Transition podcast, lovingly spliced together in order to offer a more in depth look at three of the stories from last month’s round-up.  You’ll hear about how Transition Chesham’s local produce market was recently voted the greenest market in Britain, how Transition Town Whitehead are planning to plant 60,000 trees over the next few weeks, and how Transition Town Shrewsbury stepped in when the local council announced that it was stopping collecting cardboard for recycling, and did it themselves.  I hope you enjoy it, and do let us know what you think.

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20 Jan 6:02pm

Is it possible to subscribe to this podcast using iTunes or other podcast software?

20 Jan 11:32pm

Being new to this Blog, I was wondering if someone could explain how one listens to the podcast? I could not find the link. Many thanks.

20 Jan 11:35pm

Hi Loic. Just click on the orange circle with the arrow in it on the Soundcloud player and it will start. I hope you enjoy it!

21 Jan 1:18pm

The reason I could not see the link is because I had installed ‘Adblock’ (a web browser extension that gets rid of advertisements on the web). Unfortunately it also blocks useful links.
Sorry for troubling you!

Marcus Perrin
22 Jan 9:36pm

Enjoyed the podcast, as always. Great to hear initiatives talking first-hand about their experiences.

andrew ramponi
25 Jan 11:04am

Good listening.

On cardboard. The other week while standing in the queue at the post office I noticed the shelves full of flat packed cardboard packing boxes of various sizes, costing from £2-£6 per box. Outside, about 100m along the road I passed two shops both with a huge pile of flattened cardboard boxes waiting for collection by the recyclers.

Who buys flat packed cardboard boxes?!

4 Feb 1:36pm

This is a fantastic resource. Great to listen to while sewing. Very inspiring and highly informative. Thank you so much.

6 Feb 6:27pm

Please make this podcast available through iTunes.