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1 May 2012

My TEDxExeter talk: ‘My town in Transition’

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at TedxExeter, a fantastic occasion with many great speakers (have a look at their website as more and more of the films from the day go online).  I spoke for the first time in detail about Totnes as a case study, and what, after 6 years, we can draw from the experience of Transition Town Totnes.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Donna Miller
1 May 3:43pm

Beautifully shared!
Now more than EVER I am sure that what you have to share is VITAL for the listeners of the radio show. You have encouragement and proof that my listeners NEED to hear! Many are downcast and worried to the point of being immobile. What encouraging news this is… Be Blessed!

Dear Rob

Your talk is simply precious, yes, the world needs all the help it can get from people that are willing to act, instead of only talking about things.

Great work, I hope we can get something really going here in Switzerland, but we are basically arrogant, the country is doing well in comparison, but socially we are in many ways wasteland.

Take care and do enjoy life while it lasts.


Horacio Drago
1 May 4:54pm

Nice Talk, really..!
If possible, I would love to get the transcript in text format of the talk. We want to make subtitles in our language to spread these kind of messages around all the spanish transition world, as we’ve been doing.
Is that possible?
Thanks you very much in advance, and congratulations for your fantastic work!

1 May 5:55pm

Great – thanks so much – moomin story explains a lot! all the best from Lancaster, UJ

2 May 7:50pm

Congratulations Rob, well done. The content of your presentation should become an e-booklet. It would be a concise, inspiring and functional tool for many to benefit from. Cheers from Istanbul, aLp

Sue Lindop
4 May 12:30pm

As an active member of Transition Town Stone, I now find myself on the other side, in central Ethiopia, as an education VSO volunteer. Watching this was an emotional journey for me…especially as here I am surrounded by the failures and successes of the Western world to address (or not) development.
Trying to explain to my son in the UK (another active Transitioner) why starting Transition here wouldn’t work…mainly because the people are doing it already!!!!

Jerry Barr
4 May 3:17pm

An ideal model for my next transition speaking opportunity. Your choice of words and delivery are an inspiration. I hope that by your example I can do the subject justice.

Rob Hopkins
4 May 3:51pm

Thanks Jerry, that’s great it’s useful. Best of luck with the talks…

Small Footprints
24 May 4:53pm

Someone was kind enough to share a link to your talk on my blog’s Meet & Greet. Wow … so inspiring! I want to learn more about transition culture … and I want to share it with everyone! I’ve always believed that we can elicit change with small actions and love that neighbors are working together, taking small steps and saving themselves. Brilliant! Thank you so much!

Small Footprints
30 May 3:54pm

Just wanted you to know that we’re using your video as the basis for our “Change The World Wednesday” challenge. Hoping to get a lot of people thinking, talking and acting. Thanks, again!

Rob Hopkins
30 May 4:05pm

Aw thanks, that’s great to hear! Best of luck with that and I hope you find it useful.