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15 Jun 2012

An inspiring overview of Brazilian Transition at Brazil’s TEDx

We’ve had a couple of posts this week that are frankly not much use to my English-speaking readers, but which are great stuff nonetheless.  Today we have a TEDx talk from TEDxValedosVinhedos by Zaida Amaral about Transition in Brazil.  I don’t speak a word of Portugese, but her presentation is so passionate and fantastic that I was gripped from start to finish.  Brasiliandia, which featured in a video I posted earlier this week, also appeared this week on Globo TV, Brazil’s biggest TV station, in a piece that also featured Totnes and presented Transition in the run-up to Rio+20.

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Shane Hughes
23 Jun 7:28am

my pop up translation – it starts with all the things you’d imagine in a transition related presentation. The history, the approach, shifting from individual to activating the community, inner and outer transition.

i particularly like the ‘creativity in ascendance balancing out the energy decent’.. and that Zaida includes economics as the third aspect of transition… good to see transition economics has had international traction. The presentation, and the Brazilian reality, gets really interesting when she starts to talk about Brazil’s adaptation of the model in extremely different neighbourhoods with class extremes that we don’t see in the UK (she doesn’t mention the UK i’ve added that)
She also talked about Manuas in Transition (or Forests in Transition) which i had no idea about and sounds very exciting as Manaus is the largest city in the Amazon and i spent a lot of time there on a project connected with the local Greenpeace.

The presentation finishes with some personal stories and some examples of inspirations…

Thanks Zaida and the other’s in Brazil as i know the level of unwavering commitment and thousands of hours invested isn’t easy in Brazils sometise harsh economic environment…. i’d love to know what the TED audience response was and what the other presentations where?