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28 Jun 2012

A second Sneak Peek from ‘In Transition 2.0’: Transition Monteveglio, Italy.

Here is a second Sneak Peek from ‘In Transition 2.0’.  The full film (with subtitles in 16 languages!) is available on DVD here, and it is quite fantastic.  Today’s Sneak Peek tells the inspirational story of Transition Monteveglio in Italy, one of my favourite parts of the film. In terms of upcoming screenings, Transition Hythe are showing it on July 4th, the same night it is showing at the Port Philip EcoCentreTransition Pittsburgh showed it last night, Transition Town Guildford in Australia are showing it on July 8th,  An NTSC version of the DVD is now available from Transition US. Please put it on Facebook and send the link to your friends…