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14 Jun 2013

New video: ‘Launching’ The Power of Just Doing Stuff

Today is the day of the publication of The Power of Just Doing Stuff.  I’d like to mark this historic occasion by presenting you with this short video of the recent poignant and moving launch event we recently held with the Mayor of Totnes to welcome the book into the world. Please put in Facebook, Twitter, whatever, and share it around.  Do join me between 4 & 5pm (BST) for our Twitter Q&A (#doingstuff).

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Ruth Ben-Tovim
14 Jun 8:29am

Hysterical, Couldn’t stop laughing well done all for showing beautifully the Power of Doing stuff in Action. Love the book fits in pocket nicely

Peter Brandis
14 Jun 10:02am

Perhaps that was the launch of the Power of Drowning Stuff?

Corinne Coughanowr
14 Jun 10:31am

Right, well that was certainly an innovative launch! When my copy arrives, I’m afraid I will be taking a more conventional approach and sharing it with my friends via drier pathways…
Can’t wait!

michael dunwell
14 Jun 7:15pm

Just can’t believe you didn’t both fall in.

kate Konchog
14 Jun 8:14pm

oh rob you’re such a noob, as tenzin would say, we do love you .

Julia Whatley
15 Jun 7:47pm

I loved the piece in the guardian
Power to transition!
More growth!
Julia xxx

David MacLeod
15 Jun 9:14pm

Hilarious, well done!

trish knox
15 Jun 11:52pm

Capturing the “fun” stuff of Transition. Fun happens in the moment…glad to see you going with the flow of stuff. Stuff happens! Seemed like a round and happy little pumpkin bobbin’ along?

jane jones
16 Jun 10:18am

Thank you for making me laugh. i really needed it.
The book is wonderful. i’m distributing.
Piece in Guardian excellent. Keep growing.
You’re an inspiration.

16 Jun 12:51pm

Wonderful artical in the Guardian on Saturday and looking forward to reading the book.

18 Jun 12:21am

The Power of Just Doing Stuff (in pumpkins)

matt dunwell
19 Jun 11:48pm

If your idea does not work at first, fold it in half and try again.

A small orange metaphor, with half an inch of freeboard, held afloat by hope, willpower and helpless laughter.

Mythical comedy, a new genre is born.

Godbless the pumpkin floaters.