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14 Jun 2006

ASPO5 Programme Unveiled!

aspo5The Association for the Study of Peak Oil have just announced the preliminary line-up for this year’s ASPO5 conference in Pisa in July. Looks fantastic, if you can make it and you are interested in peak oil it really will be the place to be. Some great speakers, I am particularly looking forward to Robert Hirsch, Folke Gunther, Richard Heinberg and Jeremy Leggett (although I have to confess in my ignorance there are many speakers I’ve never heard of!). I’ve never been before, closest I’ve ever been to an ASPO conference is the little clips in the End of Suburbia. The full line up is as follows;

**ASPO 5. 18-19 July 2006 – San Rossore, Pisa, Italy.**

**Monday, 17 July**

All day: ASPO Committees meetings, Grand Hotel Duomo

14:30-18:00 Registration – Grand Hotel Duomo – Via S.Maria, 94 – PISA
18:00 – Reception offered by the Mayor of Pisa, City Hall, Pisa
18:30 – Projection of the film “The Power of Community