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14 Aug 2006

Launching … Transition Town Totnes!

**Transition Town Totnes – Programme September – December 2006.**

tttWe are delighted to announce the programme of events for the first 4 months of the Transition Town Totnes initiative. The project will develop, over the next 12 – 18 months, an Energy Descent Action Plan for Totnes, designing a positive way down from the oil peak, building on the work begun in Kinsale. It will strive to be inclusive, imaginative, practical and fun. We have put together a programme which combines inspirational speakers, many of whom will be visiting Totnes for the first time, film screenings, Open Space think tank days and much more.

A website will soon be launched, we’ll let you know more nearer the time. We look forward to seeing you at some of these, and to working with you in putting Totnes on the map as the first town in the UK to really begin to design an abundant future beyond cheap oil. The programme below will be backed up with oral history interviews and surveys. I will keep you posted on developments as the project unfolds here at **Transition Culture**.


**Wednesday September 6th.** Totnes Civic Hall. 8pm.
**”The Official Unleashing of Transition Town Totnes”.**
fypAn evening launch for the Energy Descent Planning process for Totnes, with **Rob Hopkins** and **Dr. Chris Johnstone**, author of ‘Find Your Power’. This evening will feature presentations by Rob Hopkins, the founder of the TTT initiative, and also by Dr.Chris Johnstone, whose work specialises in addictions and ecopsychology, as well as publishing the Great Turning Times, a regular newsletter on the psychology of change and responses to environmental problems.

His new book “Find Your Power”, explores how we can use challenges like peak oil to find our own inner power and resourcefulness, and his talk will explore how a community such as Totnes can find its collective power and strength to embark on this great adventure. The evening will be inspirational and will set out how the TTT initiative will work and will also invite your thoughts on the transition to a low energy Totnes.

**Monday September 11th**. 8pm. Methodist Hall, High Street, Totnes. £3.
**Film Screening – ‘The Power of Community – how Cuba survived Peak Oil’**
pocA second chance (by popular demand) to see this new film produced by Community Solution which looks at how Cuba adapted to the sudden cut-off of its oil supplies in 1990. An inspiring story of hope, creativity and the strength of the human spirit, this is a film with a powerful message for us all. The film will be followed by a discussion about the issues raised in the film.

**Monday September 18th** for 10 weeks. 7-10pm. Methodist Hall, High Street, Totnes.
**Skilling Up for Powerdown.**
A 10 week evening class taught by **Rob Hopkins**, covering peak oil, permaculture, relocalisation, food, energy, waste, water, economy and much more. An inspirational, educational and fun way to spend your Monday evenings, the course is designed to train people to become Energy Descent Plan field workers.
Places need to be booked in advance (limited to 30 places). Cost £150 waged, £120 concessions. Contact 01803 866866 or email

**Wednesday October 4th** 8pm. St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes.
*Transition Town Totnes, in association with the Totnes Sustainability Group and Totnes Museum presents;*
**Feeding Totnes – past, present and future.**
totnesAn evening exploring our changing relationship with food. How did Totnes feed itself before the advent of cheap oil and industrial agriculture, and what might we learn from that that will be of use to us in a future of rising energy prices. What might the concept of food security mean to Totnes? What local foods have we forgotten, and in what ways are people today reconnecting with local foods? Also explored will be what the future of food production might look like. Speakers to be confirmed.

**Saturday October 7th**. 10am. – 4pm. Totnes Civic Hall. Free.
**How Will Totnes Feed Itself Beyond the Age of Cheap Oil? An Open Space day.**
A community think tank exploring how Totnes might supply its food needs in a more food constrained future … ideas and thoughts raised will be central to forming the food chapter of the Energy Descent Action Plan…. bring your ideas, inspiration, experience and passion.

**Thursday October 12th.** St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes.
*Transition Town Totnes in association with Friends of the Earth Totnes presents;*
**’Less is a Four-Letter Word: Moving Towards a Low Energy Society’.**
A talk by **Paul Mobbs** – author of *’Energy Beyond Oil’.*
eboPaul is author of the UK’s first peak oil book, ‘Energy Beyond Oil’, and is a tireless educator on energy issues, and the reality of our energy situation. This deeply informative talk looks beyond the energy crisis and looks at what a low energy society might look like and how that transition might be brought about. £4.

**Saturday October 14th.** 10am – 4pm. Totnes Civic Hall.
**Powering Totnes Beyond Cheap Oil – rethinking Totnes’s energy supply. An Open Space Day.**
An Open Space facilitated day for anyone interested in energy issues, all are welcome, help shape the discussion about how Totnes might adopt energy efficiency and renewables in an imaginative and positive way. Bring ideas and enthusiasm! All are Welcome. Free.

**Wednesday November 1st** 8pm. Methodist Hall, High Street, Totnes.
*Transition Town Totnes in association with Devon Sustainable Building Initiative presents;*
**Building Locally – the potential of natural building materials.**
cobHow will we create new housing without energy intensive materials such as concrete blocks and steel? This evening will explore construction options for a lower energy future in an inspirational and informative way. **Rob Hopkins** will talk about natural and local building materials based on his experience building cob and strawbale structures in Ireland. Also covered will be cordwood, hemp and other construction types. **Gareth Walton** of DSBI will talk about green building in Devon and what help is available to you, and **Rob Scott McLeod** will talk about his concept of a local passive house, built using materials local to Totnes and the findings of his research on the subject. £3.

**Saturday November 4th**. 10am -4pm. Totnes Civic Hall.
**Housing Totnes in an energy scarce future – an Open Space conversation exploring housing issues.**
What kind of housing would you like to see in Totnes? What kinds of materials, structures, organisations, living arrangements and building styles would you like to see in the town? How can our existing housing be made more energy efficient? Bring your ideas, passions and skills. All are welcome. Free.

**Wednesday November 15th**. St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes.
*Transition Town Totnes in association with Schumacher College presents;*
fleming**‘Lean Energy – A Practical Guide to Energy Descent’.**
David Fleming, economist and author of the greatest (as yet) unpublished book in recent history “The Lean Economy” sets out his vision of life beyond oil. David has spent many years researching the transition to life beyond oil, and his insights are rich and powerful. He is also a very entertaining speaker, and offers a unique take on the peak oil challenge.

**Wednesday 22nd November**. Totnes Civic Hall. 8pm
*Transition Town Totnes in association with Schumacher College presents;*
heinberg**’Peak Oil: Local Solutions to a Global Challenge’** – a talk by **Richard Heinberg** , author of *The Party’s Over* and *Powerdown*.
We are delighted to be able to welcome Richard Heinberg, one of the world’s leading authorities on peak oil and responses to it, to Totnes. Richard lectures widely and appears regularly in the media around the world, and is an inspirational and informative speaker. This is really an evening not to be missed. Richard’s website is

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