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16 Aug 2006

My ASPO 5 Presentation – download it here.

presI gave my talk near the end of the second day, and as far as I could tell, it seemed to go down well. It was called *”Plan B – enabling relocalisation as a response to peak oil”* and looked at scenarios and relocalisation, as well as exploring the area of addictions in relation to peak oil. I told the story of the Kinsale Energy Descent Plan and gave an overview of what we are hoping to achieve in the Transition Town Totnes initiative. I had some very positive feedback at the end of the event from a number of people, including the conference’s final speaker, Vittorio Prodi from the European Parliament, who cited my talk 3 or 4 times in his.

pisaThere was no sound recording made of it (to the best of my knowledge) and I tend not to work from notes, so the only thing I can offer those of you who are interested is the Powerpoint file I used, in the hope that you find it informative and useful. You can download it here (it is 3.3MB, just to warn those of you with dial-up…). It gives a succinct overview of some of the topics covered in my dissertation, ***Energy Descent Pathways – evaluating potential responses to Peak Oil***, which will be complete and available via. **Transition Culture** in about a month from now. More details about that will be available nearer the time.

This also gives me an opportunity to show off the fact that I am now able to screen grab images from Powerpoint presentations, and to shrink down Powerpoints into manageable sizes (thanks Tom!), two technical feats you will no doubt be seeing more of in the near future! Is there no end to the technical wizardry on display at Transition Culture?!

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Ugo Bardi
24 Aug 9:58pm

It was a great talk, Rob, one of the best!