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29 Aug 2006

Powerdown Ireland’s Amazing Flying Flyer.

cc1Finding imaginative and creative ways to communicate ideas about energy descent is a big challenge. Just piling depressing information onto people is ultimately self-defeating, and feeds a sense of powerlessness. The Cultivate Centre in Dublin has always been exceptionally good at communicating sustainability, through its written materials, its programme of events, and also through its graphics materials. Now, as part of its new Powerdown Community Project, they have produced a rather cool flyer (in an interesting twist on the term) to promote the concept of powerdown, which they will distribute at various events around the country.

cult2You can download the pdf. of the leaflet here, it is an excellent example of using good design to promote powerdown. It is designed to fold up into a paper aeroplane, the rationale for which it explains thus… “Take control, take responsibility and follow this 12-step plan to reduce your energy use. Use it, share it or make paper airplanes out of it ’cause they could soon be the only crafts in the air”.

This is a lovely example of good design making awareness raising on this key issue accessible and fun. If you are at the Electric Picnic Festival at Stradbally Estate, Co. Laois next weekend (a rare opportunity to see the great DJ Shadow), you’ll be able to get your hands on one, otherwise, print this out and enjoy.