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1 Nov 2006

Powerdown and Permaculture – At the Cusp of Transition.

**Powerdown and Permaculture – At the Cusp of Transition.
An Article by Rob Hopkins.**

pmcoverHere is an article about permaculture and energy descent work that I wrote which appears in the latest issue of Permaculture Magazine which is released today, a milestone for the magazine, its 50th issue. Many congratulations to Tim, Maddy and their team for making it this far and for providing us with such a wonderful magazine over the years. You can either read the article below or see the pdf of it as it appears in the magazine (here).

**Rob Hopkins asks whether the permaculture movement is capable of influencing society as a whole when the coming peak oil energy crisis bites. Or should we just head for the hills?**

Permaculture has achieved many great things since its inception in the mid-1970s. It has spread around the world, and informs the day-to-day decisions and thinking of millions of people. It has also often acted as the invisible motivator behind many sustainability initiatives, which although not in themselves strictly perma-cultural, are informed by its principles.
Readers of PM will know the joy of applying permaculture design to their own lives and experiencing the benefits of applied common sense, whether it be in the form of fresh salad or a co-housing project. We find ourselves as a movement, however, on the edge of a global transition of unprecedented proportions. In this article, I am asking, “Is the permaculture movement ready for the scale of changes ahead?