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15 Aug 2007

Interviews with Dr. Chris Johnstone on YouTube.

Dr. Chris Johnstone, author of Find Your Power was interviewed by Adrienne Campbell of Transition Town Lewes when he was in the town for their Unleashing a few months back. There are 6 films in all, each one a different question, and they explore the psychological aspects of Transition, I found them very insightful. I have recently been going back to Chris’s book, and I do think he offers some very important tools for this work.

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Chris Johnstone
15 Aug 9:09pm

Thanks Rob for posting this.

Here’s the links for the other videos. Q2 and Q5 are my favourites.

Best wishes


Chris Johnstone Q2 – The adventure of change

Chris Johnstone Q3 – Process thinking

Chris Johnstone Q4 – Energy Awareness

Chris Johnstone Q5 – inspirational listening

Chris Johnstone Q6 – energy descent plans

Chris Johnstone Q7 serendity and flow

Chris Johnstone Dreamblocker clip from the film

16 Aug 12:47pm

I love the reference to Lord of the Rings, it’s something i’ve often reflected on. In Tolkien’s stories there are few characters that are without fears and doubts when confronted with a great crisis and it is how they overcome this internal struggle which brings out such amazing characters. Part of that transition is perhaps a realisation that hope is small, but always worth fighting for. That some may be sacrificed or not save the planet for themselves but for the future. I think this altruistic attitude is the most difficult for people to face. I one respect it is right to say “i want to change the world, people have and are changing the world, therefore i am going to change the world”. However this puts out a Holy Grail goal of the world tangibly changing without a person’s life span or expectation threshold and to our predefined utopian vision. I think it is better to focus on “i want the world to change for the better, this may seem an impossible goal but what is important is to try even if it does not happen, the process of change and adventure is where i will be and that is good enough, all there is to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you, fate will take care of the rest”.