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8 Apr 2009

This month’s round-up of stories from across the Transition Network

Transition Eudlo in Australian holding a 'permablitz'

Transition Eudlo in Australian holding a 'permablitz'

Here is the latest digest of Transition-related stories that I have picked up across the web over the last 4 weeks.  It offers an instructive and fascinating insight into where Transition has gone and what it is up to.  The diversity of projects is fascinating.  Apparently, Transition Town Exmouth’s “ranks have swelled to hundreds”, Transition Southport described as “environmentalists with a smile”, definitely a compliment in my book and Maple Ridge in Canada is considering ‘going Transition’.

Transition Hebden Bridge are offering free energy audits, Sustainable Merton declare Merton a ‘Transition Town’, Transition High Wycombe launch their ‘technology showcase’ and last weekend, Transition Langport had its Unleashing .. looks like it was an amazing event.

Over near London, it is early days for Transition Henley, while on the other side of the world, in the Waterworks Valley in Australia, they are at a similarly early stage of talking Transition.  You can see the results of Transition Westcombe’s first public event, as well as what happened at the launch of Transition Newcastle (not THAT Newcastle, the one in Australia…), and their latest newsletter. Transition Town Kingston have been keeping busy, Transition Thorncombe are holding a Swap Shop,  and Transition Town Lewes organise a 4 day arts festival ‘Art of Change’.  Transition Town Glastonbury are taking the first steps towards a community owned wind farm and Transition Town Llandeilo are thinking about economics.

Overseas, Transition Peterborough focus on green jobs, Transition Garopaba in Brazil are composting their food waste on a big scale, and Transition Town Montpelier in Vermont were one of the key groups behind the campaign to get the State House lawn turned into a foodgarden.

In the US, Common Ground magazine carries a great and detailed piece about Transition,  including interviews with Joanne  Poyourow and Jennifer Grey,and Transition Hohenwald deliver a Transition Proclamation to the County Lawmakers.  In Canada, someone in Port Alberni is inspired to set up a Transition initiative and Transition Town Peterborough in Ontario are planning a city-wide energy audit.  In Australia, Transition Town Eudlo have been permablitzing.  Finally, the Transition Housewife is getting excited about her boababs.

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8 Apr 9:49pm

I must correct this post… that (great) pic is actually from Permablitz in Victoria, not Transition Town Eudlo. I love that photo and used it to demonstrate the start of Permablitzes here in Australia, but our pics are further down the post. I did say in the first par that it was from Vic. You can see the great work that Adam (one of the originators of the Energy Bulletin website) and Dan are doing in Victoria at
they are making great inroads getting food back in backyards.

Transition Town Eudlo (local)
Transition Sunshine Coast (regional)

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