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19 Feb 2010

Transition on ‘One Planet’ on BBC World Service

oneplanetEarlier this week I did an interview for BBC World Service’s ‘One Planet’ programme, which you can now hear at their website here or download the podcast here.   A very enjoyable experience, it is not every day that the BBC buys you soup and pays for it in Totnes Pounds!

rob and bbc

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James Samuel
19 Feb 8:10pm

Rob, this was a pleasure to listen to. Your speaking style and clarity just keeps on getting better – maybe the preparation for the recent TED talk contributed?

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Michael Grant
11 Mar 5:00pm

I listened to an interview with Helen Meredith at London Zoo on One Planet early this morning, 11.3.10, US East Coast Time,on BBC World service but can not see any details about it online. Can you guide me to it please?

With many thanks and best wishes,