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23 Dec 2010

Christmas, Totnes-style

Sorry, back again, definitely the last post this time … I wrote here before about the wonderful Totnes Christmas Markets that take place here the 3 Tuesdays before Christmas, but here’s something lovely and Christmassy that took place at this week’s final one….a short film by Emma Goude, who directed ‘In Transition 1.0’.

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Caroline Walker
23 Dec 10:11pm

Beautiful! Dear old Totnes. Thanks so much for posting this.

Jo Homan
24 Dec 2:51pm

This is soooo cool. What a great arrangement and what a talented choir!
Now go and play some Monopoly.

Rachel Cox
29 Dec 6:00pm

Brilliant! So inspiring – brought tears to my eyes!

Phil England
30 Dec 4:14pm

Brought a tear to the eye…

Graham Burnett
5 Jan 1:19pm

Glad to see the ‘cheap lousy faggot’ line wasn’t airbrushed out from this version of the song 🙂

6 Jan 6:17pm

Truly lovely. Must have been fun rehearsing, too.

Now, this is not a criticism, but there was something I expected to happen all through it, which didn’t.

The circle of singers stayed closed; and I expected that at some predetermined point, it would open- the singers would step back- and grab the person outside the circle right behind them, and bring them into it. Then do that again.

I’ll have to see if I can arrange something like that here, next Christmas.

Hope is good, smiles are healthy.

Mark Stevenson
10 Jan 12:53pm

Truly inspirational, truly Transitional
Love from all at Transition Town Worthing