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11 Mar 2011

Something for the weekend… Richard Heinberg in Totnes

A week ago today, Richard Heinberg gave a stunning talk in Totnes on ‘The End of Growth’.  Thanks to our dear friends at nuproject, I can now unveil the film of his talk.  Enjoy… .

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11 Mar 10:43pm

great, thanks nuproject

12 Mar 3:04pm

Great! thanks. this is great development for TTT. I often can’t make talks as I have to be home with child in evening.
really wanted to see Richard Heinberg.
thanks to all involved.

Alexis Greenwood
12 Mar 3:53pm

Inspiring. Many thanks to all involved for making the talk available.

Paul Williams
3 Apr 10:08am

I first saw Richard’s presentation some 5 weeks ago at EcoBuild in London. Already there are counries having riots because of food shortages etc. The Japanese Nuclear power plant disaster has also taken place since. If you are interested in Renewable energy, have a connection and or promote such technologies Richard Heinberg’s comments should make Politician’s sit up and listen. Maybe TV companies should have a special dedicated to Richard’s presentation? Many thanks for making available on the Net 🙂

16 Jul 12:13pm

Can anyone explain why Richard’s latest book is now selling on Amazon for £152(and change) from a second hand bookseller only and not from Amazon itself? A few weeks ago it was still available on pre-order, now it’s been published, it’s not? what is going on??