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16 Jun 2011

Transition as Cookery: my presentation at the 2011 Tagore Festival

A couple of months ago I did a talk at the Tagore Festival at Dartington which eschewed Powerpoint and used objects sent in by Transition groups to tell the story of how Transition unfolds.  I really enjoyed it.  Here it is:

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16 Jun 1:03pm

Inspirational. Great video, great presentation, off to talk to our council about jumpers and peak oil 🙂 Thanks Rob.

Elliot Lord
18 Jun 3:58pm

Good stuff, Rob. Good to have lots of examples of what’s happening. It was sad to see that practically all of the audience were older people, though. We need to look at how to get the younger generations involved more.
Local schools are the place to go, to get projects in there and have the students finding roles for themselves.

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