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19 Jun 2011

Transition Town Totnes wins an Ashden Award!

A more detailed report is to follow, but for now here is a film made by the Ashden Award people about Transition Streets (click here to read their case study report), the project that won us an Ashden Award last Thursday…

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Carin Schwartz
20 Jun 8:42am

Brilliant project. Congratulations on the award.
Is the handbook available to buy and use for other groups or site specific to Totnes?


20 Jun 8:59am

We’re just figuring out how best to share the project materials. If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll be sure to keep you informed – contact me here via the TN website


PS It’s a bit confusing as this project is called both Transition Streets and Transition Together (long story!) – from now on we’re just going to call it Transition Streets.