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27 Jul 2009

Some Notes from the Final Day of TED Global in Oxford

tedposterThe first session of the last day was ‘Cities Past and Future’. First speaker was Eric Sanderson, who gave an absolutely mesmering presentation about his work on the Mannahatta Project. It is based around asking the question, what would the land on which New York now stands have  looked like in the 1600s when Hudson first rowed up the river? A simple question, but the results of the work combine cartography, GIS, biology, ethanography, and much much more.

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24 Jul 2009

A Full Day at the 2009 TED Global in Oxford

Taryn Simon showing a photo of the Braille version of Playboy magazine (seriously)...
TED speaker Taryn Simon showing a photo of the Braille version of Playboy magazine (seriously)…

What an extraordinary day.  I missed days one and two of TED, which, if they were anywhere near as good as today, was a big loss.  A day of fascinating speakers, even the ones I disgreed with were interesting…  Set in the Oxford Playhouse, the day was well presented, well hosted, and had a great buzz. It divided into 4 sections.  I’ll just give a few thoughts on some of the presenters.  Over at the TED blog is a detailed write up of each speaker and some good photos, far more detail than I am going to manage!  So the first session was called ‘Radical Development’.

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