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8 Feb 2006

Next Steps in Kinsale…

KINSALE Louise at **Transition Design** in Kinsale recently gave a presentation to the Town Council as a follow on from the night in December when the Council voted unanimously to adopt their proposal that Kinsale begin working towards becoming a ‘Transition Town’, and begin to implement the proposals set out in the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan. They had asked her to cost and set out a plan of work for the next year, with a view to some possible funding from the Council.

The document Louise prepared is a very clear presentation of the next steps in moving this process forward. You can download a copy of it here. Kinsale Presentation. Congratulations to the Transition Design team for all their hard work, and for once again breaking new ground in an imaginative and professional way.

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Graham Strouts
9 Feb 12:00am

Great presentation Louise, well done.
Might also be worth mentioning that the First Year Permaculture Students are doing their design projects on the site at the old Waterworks, as a proposed Community Garden.
We had two members of the town council into the class to be interviewed as the “Clients” on behalf of the town, who were extremely supportive of the project in principle.
There is great enthusiasm for the project amongst the students, who seem very excited to be involved in a “real” project that could come to fruition. We hope to be able to present some of the students’ work to the council later in the year and are very glad to be able to make a contribution to the process.

Carol Oldershaw
12 Feb 1:45am

Transition Culture is an important site for me and I am particularly grateful to be able to view Ms. Rooney’s presentation to the Kinsale Town Council. I am making a 5-minute presentation to my City Council this Tuesday in an effort to acquaint them with Peak Oil. There are few Prescott Arizona citizens aware of, much less working on, this issue, so I am out there pretty much by myself. Today. Hopefully that will change. I appreciate immensely benefitting from others’ experiences. Thank you.