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1 Mar 2006

Local Solutions Conference, New York.


Well, I know where I’d like to be at the end of April! How about this for the ultimate conference on peak oil and relocalisation as the response to it? The conference is called Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma and has a dazzling array of speakers, including Steve Andrews,
Catherine Austin Fitts, Michael Klare, James Howard Kunstler, Geoff Lawton, Andrew McKillop, Pat Murphy, David Pimentel, Megan Quinn, David Room, Michael Ruppert and Matt Savinar among a much longer list of others, all looking at the practicalities of economic relocalisation as a response to peak oil. Do check out their website and get along and support this event if you can. Here is their press release.


International Experts to Set Out Local Responses at New York City Conference – April 27 – 29 2006

New York City , NY – Over 30 leading experts in energy, agriculture, economics, engineering, geology, politics, and sustainability will gather during the final week of April to address the local impact of what is viewed to be the impending crisis in world affairs.

As the world’s demand for oil has grown to match total production capacity, reserves have virtually disappeared.

Peak Oil will occur when half of all the oil has been pulled from the ground. After that, oil will become increasingly scarce, and increasingly expensive, over time. When oil becomes expensive the economy goes into recession until it becomes cheap again. Peak Oil means that oil will only get more expensive, forever. Many people who know what they’re talking about think we are at Peak right now .

A study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy warns that after peak, liquid fuel prices will increase dramatically, and without proper planning and concerted effective action, “the economic, social and political costs will be unprecedented.

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1 Comment

Tom Nielsen
8 Mar 12:34am

Thanks for plugging the conference.
I’m a member of the conference steering
committee and we really appreciate your
help getting the word out.

A schedule of speakers should be ready
and available on the website soon.

We’re very excited and nervous, but we
know that whether there are 100 people or
1000 people there, we’re trying to do
something to inform the public about
peak oil and what they can do for themselves
and their friends and families.

Keep up the good work,
Tom Nielsen
Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma
Steering Committee and Volunteer Coordination Team