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8 Nov 2011

Local currencies, Transition Councils and Declarations of Food Independence: it must be the October Transition podcast!

Here’s the second Transition podcast.  The idea with these is that they will explore some of the stories from the month’s ‘Round up of what’s happening in the world of Transition’ in greater depth.  So, this month we hear from Brixton about the latest developments with the Brixton Pound, from the Wiltshire town whose Town Council just voted to become a Transition Council, and from the Yorkshire valley that recently declared independence from the global food system.  There will also be the occasional one that is specific to a particular event or topic, but these monthly podcasts will now hopefully be a regular feature, both here and at the Transition Network’s site.  I hope you enjoy it, and do let us know what you think.

Some of these stories feature in ‘The Transition Companion’, and you can subscribe to Transition Network’s monthly newsletter here.

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Rachel Roddam
9 Nov 1:06am

I enjoyed listening to the podcast while sorting laundry this morning. Podcast is a great way to catch up on the Transition community for those of us who are oh so busy Transitioning! Is there a chance we can add readings from some of the Transition books?

10 Nov 12:56pm

Great story from Brixton and the presenter sounds good too!!

10 Nov 3:12pm

Is that a bit better?!

d black
10 Dec 4:02pm

A podcast usually is something you can download, preferably straight from a feed; there’s no file here. I don’t have Flash Player so I can’t listen.

11 Dec 1:26am

Dear ‘D’… sorry you are having trouble downloading this podcast. As I understand it, on the right hand side of the player is a down arrow, and if you click on that you can download it as an mp3 file. Is that not working for you? It would be good to know….

Tim Beadle
15 Dec 2:09pm

Hi Rob,

I think D is frustrated at not being able to subscribe to the podcast, using an RSS feed or similar, so that new episodes are downloaded automatically in iTunes or whatever software.

It would be useful, certainly. It looks like you can enable podcasting support in Soundcloud: It’s the feed, the subscriptions & the automatic updates that make a podcast, really.



15 Dec 3:08pm

We’re working on it, it’s not quite so straightforward, but we hope to get it resolved soon…