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5 May 2010

Totnes Energy Descent Action Plan Website Launched Today!!


Ladies and Gentlemen.  It gives me the greatest pleasure this morning to launch the Totnes Energy Descent Action Plan website.  The site makes the full version of the UK’s first EDAP freely available, invites comments and discussion, and will act as a dynamic portal for people to discuss the Plan and reshape subsequent revisions.  It is the creation of the good folks at LumpyLemon, to whom we are greatly indebted.  Highlights include the oral history section, Liv Torc’s poem in the section on stories, the Totnes Energy Budget, the photoshopped visions of the future and, if one might suggest a sample chapter, the food section.  Copies of the printed EDAP are available here, and will be formally launched on Friday (do come).  God Bless Her and All Who Sail in Her (sound of tinkling glass as champagne bottle is smashed against the side of the website)….

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5 May 7:23am

Congratulations, Totnes! 🙂 And thank TTT for sharing it with us! It will be a great inspiration for our work at Teo (Galicia), with whose municipality we recently formed the first Peak Oil Task Force in all Spain!

Jane Buttigieg
5 May 12:01pm

This looks fabulous! I have spent about half an hour looking through it without getting bored by what I was reading. This is so very different from your average reports which are full of sub section 2.v.ii etc and have you glazing over even if you find the subject matter interesting. Love the way you have tried to keep each section concise and with easy to understand language and it’s fun to look at. Looks easy to dip in and out of without losing where you were and visually really good. Simple navigation too. Wonderful. (Will also be interesting to see how things actually pan out in future in relation to the possible future scenarios)

Also, as I understand it this should not be seen as a final and unchanging plan, but one that will adapt and change over time and as circumstances change through collaborative editing a bit like the Transition Handbook, is that right?

5 May 12:11pm

Hi Jane… yes indeed.. this is really a first stab at this..