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28 Jan 2011

Transition on Italian TV programme about growth

Here is a clip from a programme made for Rai 3 in Italy which looked at the future (or not) of economic growth and which included a trip to see Transition in Totnes, in Berlin and also in Monteveglio.   Great stuff, although understanding Italian is definitely an advantage….

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28 Jan 4:47pm

Great video but my Italian’s a bit rusty…

Is there anyone who speaks Italian that can give us an ‘executive summary’ of the video.


4 Jun 11:28am

Here a complete translation follows
… Too late perhaps. :\

4 Jun 11:34am

that TV episode of programme “report” had great impact.
Lot of people started connecting to transition italian knot the day after the programme, and a certain number of new transition towns and mullers started as a result of informations given in this episode.