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28 Jun 2011

David Fleming’s ‘Lean Logic’ finally sees the light of day

When I reported here the recent death of my dear friend Dr. David Fleming I wrote, “and he never did get his bloody book finished!”  Everyone who knew David will have seen one or other iteration of his book, whether it was known as ‘The Lean Economy’ or ‘Lean Logic‘, tucked under his arm, adorned with much scribbling and crossing out.  Following his death, his family and friends have set to the task of making sure that his life’s work does finally see the light of day, and I’m delighted to announce that copies will soon be available.  I’m delighted, as would he have been, to know that his insights, his humour and his brilliance, are now more widely available.  Here is the text from a flyer I was recently sent announcing the publication.  I’ve already ordered mine…

LEAN LOGIC: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It
David Fleming’s Lean Logic will be published in his memory in July 2011.

The book will be printed in a hardback first edition of 500 copies, comprising David’s final draft, comprehensive footnotes, bibliography and references and many wonderful wood cuts and illustrations.  All proceeds from sales of Lean Logic will be used to promote David’s work and passions.

Copies may be obtained for £30 or £25 each for two or more (plus £5 per copy for postage and packing if required) by sending your address details and a cheque payable to Lucy Barlow to:

Lean Logic
Court Farm House
North Street
Oxon OX27 7QX

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please email for the required details.

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30 Jun 3:57pm

Great news! Will anyone be bringing copies to sell to the Transition Conference? I’ll get a cheque in the post otherwise…

Rose Williams
2 Jul 11:04am

Beth Barton, who was working on the book with David when he died, has worked very hard over the last few months to do the final edits and organising the publication.

Shaun Chamberlin
4 Jul 8:22pm

Hi Andrew,

We’re hoping to get a few copies up to the Conference, yes, but they’re a bit big for lugging loads up from London on the train, so they may well sell out quickly!

Up to you whether you want to try your luck for those or order one by post 🙂


Penny Rimbaud
17 Jul 10:17am

Against the arguments put forward in ‘HOW TO CHEAT IN AN ARGUMENT’ what argument could there possibly be? I feel obliged to order my copy.
Penny Rimbaud.

Shaun Chamberlin
18 Jul 12:46pm

Hey Penny, delighted to hear that you will be joining us in exploring Lean Logic. Meeting you was a highlight of the Uncivilisation festival for me last year.

And I love your website, by the way!

Incidentally, for anyone who checks in here, is now live.