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14 Feb 2012

It’s the February podcast – the Bristol Pound, resilience surveys and a Transition newspaper!

This month’s Transition podcast takes a deeper look at some of the best stories from last month’s roundup of what’s happening in Transition, at the latest developments with the Bristol Pound which grabbed the headlines this week, ahead of its formal launch at the end of May, at the work of Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition in the US who recently carried out a ‘resilience survey’ among the local community, and catches up on the recent developments with Transition Network’s ‘Social Reporters‘ project, and their plans to create the first Transition Newspaper!

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gael bage
14 Feb 9:43am

how refreshing to see such creativity, we can trust one another support one another, encourage one another, give one another the good news…. something the current media / system fails abysmally to do. 🙂

Ashley A. Green
15 Feb 12:32pm

Where is the link to the podcast?

Rob Hopkins
15 Feb 12:33pm

Hi Ashley
It should appear as a player in the post, you just click on the play symbol and it should start….