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21 Feb 2012

Transition at the Guardian Open Weekend

So today we have some good news, and some bad news.  First the good news.  We are delighted to announce four events that Transition Network is involved in at the Guardian’s Open Weekend, which is coming up 24-25th March at the Guardian’s new offices in London.  On Saturday 24th, we are presenting, at 1.45pm, a workshop called “How to start a community business” which looks at how to create a community-supported food business.  The presenters are Greg Pilley of Stroud Brewery (as mentioned in yesterday’s post), and Dan McTiernan of The Handmade Bakery (one of the stars of ‘In Transition 2.0’).  The event will be facilitated by Transition Network’s Peter Lipman.

On the Saturday evening at 8pm, we can now proudly announce, will be a screening of ‘In Transition 2.0’.  It will be introduced by the Guardian’s environment correspondent John Vidal, and after the film Rob Hopkins and producer Emma Goude will take questions about this film.

On Sunday, at 1.45pm, Transition Network will be presenting a second workshop, this time called ‘How to start a community currency’.  Facilitated by Rob Hopkins, it will include Ciaran Mundy from the Bristol Pound, and Simon Woolf from the Brixton Pound.  The workshop be interactive, and give you all the ideas and advice you need to start such a scheme where you live.

Finally, at 5.30pm on the Sunday, an event called “How I did it” brings together Rob Hopkins of Transition Network and Julia Davenport of Good Energy to, according to the event’s website, “share their remarkable stories about building environmental change”.

So now to the bad news.  By the time the programme was confirmed and we were allowed to publicise these events, all the day tickets for the event had sold out!  Bah.  However, if you happen to be one of the lucky few with a ticket to what looks like it will be a great event, you will soon be asked to choose which events you want to attend, so please do come along and support these exciting happenings.  For those who don’t have tickets, we are assured that some of these events will be filmed and put on the Guardian’s website.