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26 Jun 2006

Muck Glorious Muck…

pooAccess to manure is an important part of maintaining soil fertility in an organic system, the problem can often be tracking down where to get it from. Humanure composting is not an option for everyone (or rather is *perceived* as not being an option), so manure it is. Before I get howls of derision from vegan gardeners out there arguing that there are ways of coping without it, I am aware of that, but for me, you can’t beat a nice bit of muck. Anyway, the question then arises as to where to get it from.

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24 May 2006

An Evening in Peter Harper’s Garden.

g1**Peter Harper** has been at the Centre for Alternative Technology for over 15 years as a landscape designer, director of biological research and now as Head of Research and Innovation. He is author of many articles and of the classic “Natural Garden Book”, which I think is now tragically out of print. He lives in Machynlleth has done a great job of renovating his traditional cottage as ‘greenly’ as possible, as well as creating a beautiful and productive garden.

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16 Feb 2006

Reflections on Six Years of Relieving Oneself into a Bucket.

looThe time has come at **TransitionCulture** to address one of the less palatable but, I think, more fascinating aspects of this whole energy descent business. What happens when it becomes too costly, unfeasible or, due to sudden disruptions to our energy supplies, impossible, to run our mains sewage system? When the whole system stops working and we still need to go, where will we, as it were, go? As someone who until a few months ago had spent 6 years of my life using a compost toilet, I thought I might share my experience of a flush-free life.

Humanity can fly to the moon, build the Channel Tunnel and so on, but we still defecate in water and then try and work out what to do with it.

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