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29 Jun 2006

Meg Wheatley – The Power of Chaos – reconstructed from my cack-handed notes…

meg**Meg Wheatley** spoke at Dartington’s Barn Cinema on Wednesday 14th June as part of Dartington Arts’ Arts and Ecology Lecture series. I attempted to take notes as best I could but she spoke quite fast and so these notes are intended to provide just an overview of what she covered. Any mistakes here are entirely my fault. If you would like to watch the film of the talk you can download it

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21 Jun 2006

Lovelock’s Folly – A Book Review by Albert Bates.

Lovelock**Albert Bates**, still the presenter of the single most inspiring talk I ever attended (Findhorn 1995, GEN conference, for any speech nerds out there…), has written an excellent review of James Lovelock’s ‘Revenge of Gaia’. Having a background in permaculture, ecovillages and also in many years campaigning against nuclear power, he is in a unique position to deconstruct Lovelock’s thinking. His review is respectful where necessary, and shows a deep understanding of the subject matter. It is by far the best review of it I have so far read.

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15 Jun 2006

Joanna Macy on the Great Turning.

JoannaThere is a beautiful film clip on Joanna Macy’s website of her outlining the concept of the Great Turning. You need to click on “Video Project for the Work That Reconnects” to start it. I find her vision very powerful, and in this clip she comes across as a passionate teacher and as someone who deeply feels that exhilaration of these transitionary times. She is one of the people with the most profound insights into this whole question. I am fortunate enough to be doing a course with her in a month’s time, something I have waited 10 years to get the opportunity to do. This film clip suggests to me that it’s going to be a great few days. While you are at her site, have a look around, there are some great resources there…

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29 May 2006

Brian Goodwin on Peak Oil – an Interview

Interview with Brian Goodwin. Schumacher College. May 8th 2006.

BGBrian Goodwin is a Visiting Scholar at Schumacher College and teaches on their MSc in Holistic Science. His research and teaching interests are on the use of the sciences of complexity to study emergent phenomena in evolution and to understand health in various contexts: in individuals, communities, organisations, economies and ecosystems. This involves a fundamental rethinking of basic scientific assumptions and leads to a new science of qualities.

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11 May 2006

Notes From the Book Launch for Stephan Harding’s New Book ‘Animate Earth’, plus your chance to win a copy of the book!!

aeLast week in Totnes Stephan Harding gave a talk to launch his new book ‘Animate Earth – Science, Intuition and Gaia’ at the Civic Hall in Totnes. What follows is both a record from my notes of his talk, followed by another great **Transition Culture** competition giving you the opportunity to win a copy of the book. The introduction was by Fritjof Capra (which I missed, arriving late…oops…). Stephan co-ordinates the MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College, where he is also Resident Ecologist and is a widely respected authority on the Gaia theory and on the new understandings of science arising from systems theory.

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