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11 Jun 2009

Please Take Your Seats Ladies and Gentlement, the Online Screening of ‘In Transition’Starts Now…


** Please note: Due to a Request from the US that not enough people had heard about this in time, this online preview screening will now be extended until last thing Sunday night (BST)**

The film ‘In Transition’ is now available for viewing, for the next 72 hours.  The version being screened is not the final version, it still has a sequence to add and some tidying up to do, but is almost there.  We very much hope you enjoy it (you will need Quicktime on your computer)….  Please leave comments and feedback below.  For more information on the film’s release click here.  Also, if having seen it you would like to make a donation to help us finish it, please use the Paypal button below. So, to watch ‘In Transition’, click here.  Enjoy it and no rusting your popcorn at the back now please…. hey, and you two in the back row, do you mind?

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8 Jun 2009

Your Chance to See ‘In Transition’, the emerging plans for its release, as well as an appeal for help in finishing it…

movieAs you know, we have been making a film about Transition, called ‘In Transition’, which was previewed at the Transition Network conference to a standing ovation, and which we had, unsuccessfully, tried to show online simultaneous to the conference screening.  Now, after much technical fiddling about, we can tell you when and where you can see it, and unveil the plans for its release.  So, you will be able to watch the film online at any time on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2009 (BST).  We are running it over two days so as many people get a chance to fit in watching it around their busy lives as possible, one week day and one weekend day.  We think you’re going to rather like it…  There will be several stages to the release of ‘In Transition’, which are set out below…

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4 May 2009

Make Sure Your Projects Get a Mention in ‘In Transition’

intransition2As by now you are no doubt excitedly telling everyone you come into contact with, the postman, work colleagues, neighbours, complete strangers and anyone else who will listen, the Transition film ‘In Transition’ has its online premiere on Saturday May 23rd at 1.45pm (GMT).  This week we are putting the finishing touches to it.  We are keen that the film expresses, as clearly as possible, the breadth and depth of the Transition movement.  We therefore need to know about any projects you are doing in your initiatives so that they can get a mention…

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4 May 2009

The Online Premiere of ‘In Transition’. Saturday May 23rd 2009, 1.45pm (GMT)

In Transition: from oil dependency to local resilience. A Film.

We are delighted to announce the near-launch of ‘In Transition’, the hour-long documentary about Transition.  The film is the work of director Emma Goude, with production by Smith and Watson, and with input from Transition communities around the world (for the story of the film, click here.  For those of you who felt the Age of Stupid only told one half of the story, here is the other half.  It tells the story of the generation that looked peak oil and climate change square in the face, and responded with creativity, compassion and genius. We think you’re going to love it.  Here is the trailer…

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22 Apr 2009

Transition Movie Blog 7

movie1The film is in the final stages of the edit. A rough cut is complete and now it’s a case of fine cutting it so that it flows well and hits all the right notes. We need to make hard decisions about what works best and what goes into the extras. The Transition Network trustees will be the first to see the rough cut this week, to make sure it doesn’t misrepresent Transition and that it covers all it needs to cover. They will be able to see whether it does what they hoped it would, hopefully inspire and move people.  It will first be previewed publicly at the Transition Network conference, and we are hoping to arrange a simultaneous live online preview as well (more info on that to follow). 

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