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20 Sep 2012

Day two at the Degrowth conference in Venice: Degrowth, or alternatives to development?

The theme of the first full day of ‘The Third International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity’ in Venice was ‘Commons’.  For me there were a couple of key highlights of the day, so I will give a thumbnail of all the talks today, but more detail on the highlights.  As with my notes from yesterday, the following is compiled from my notes, and so are entirely fallible.  Apologies to any of the speakers if I have got their message wrong.  The first speaker was Gianni Tamino of the University of Padova who argued that in the context of depleting resources, the commons are essential for living, we can’t postpone the end of growth.


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12 Sep 2012

Transition Network conference 2012 preview: No:17 – Michaela Richter and Rob McGhee on “What happens when Transition says no?’

The workshop called “What happens when Transition says no?” will bring together Joe Ryle and Rose Music from Transition Heathrow, Holly Tiffen from Totnes’ ‘NoToCosta’ campaign, and Michaela Richter and Rob McGhee (see above, Michaela couldn’t make the photo-taking) from Transition Cowbridge in South Wales to explore this important question.  I asked Michaela and Rob to tell the story they’ll be bringing to the conference and what they hope people will get out of the workshop:

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17 Aug 2012

An interview with Jorgen Randers: ‘2052’ – “It’s the story of humanity not rising to the occasion”

Jorgen Randers is professor of climate strategy at the BI Norwegian Business School, and among many other things, was coauthor of The Limits to Growth in 1972, Beyond the Limits in 1992, and Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update in 2004 (you can read his full biog here).  He has recently published ‘2052: a global forecast for the next forty years‘.  You can see a film of him discussing the book at its launch here.  I had the great honour of interviewing Jorgen recently, via Skype from his study at his home in Norway.  You can hear the audio of our interview below, or read the transcript.  ‘2052’ is available here if you’re in the US, or here in the UK.

The first question I wanted to ask you is what your aim was when you sat down to write ‘2052’?

I’m 67 years old, I’ve spent 40 years of my life working in vain for sustainability and I finally decided that it would be interesting to find out whether I really needed to be continually worrying about the future as I have over the last 40 years because I have now only 20 to 25 years left to live.  I thought it would be interesting to try to find out what will actually happen over those 40 years.

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4 Jul 2012

Some Transition reflections on George Monbiot’s announcement that “we were wrong on peak oil”

George Monbiot announced in the Guardian on Monday “We were wrong on peak oil. There’s enough to fry us all“, an article which concluded “peak oil hasn’t happened, and it’s unlikely to happen for a very long time”.  Several people have written, and even stopped me while I’ve been out shopping, to ask for my take on his piece, so here it is.  It has been a tricky thing to write, as in the time it took me to compose it, so many other interesting analyses of it have been posted, many of which I have tried to reference here.  In a nutshell, I think Monbiot’s piece swallows an over-optimistic take on peak oil, and there are things in his piece that I disagree with and things that I agree with, although I don’t for a moment consider myself a peak oil expert.  What he does prompt is a rethink in terms of how we present peak oil.  Let’s start with the things I disagree with.

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5 Jun 2012

Andrew Simms on the impacts of chain stores on local economies

I was at the Hay Literary Festival over the weekend, and while I was there I caught up with Andrew Simms of New Economics Foundation, and in the light of the campaign afoot in Totnes to try and stop the opening of a Costa Coffee outlet in the town, I asked him “why should Totnes (or anywhere else for that matter) say no to Costa?”  Here’s the audio file, followed by the transcript:

“Chain stores, of whatever variety, whether they are selling mobile phones, or whether they are selling coffee, or whether they are selling doughy torpedo-shaped sandwiches, are a way of doing business that carries with them a particular DNA for the society and the local economy which grows up around them.

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