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25 Aug 2006

ASPO 5. Dennis Meadows – Peak Oil and Limits to Growth.

**Dennis Meadows. Peak Oil and Limits to Growth. Wednesday 19th July 2006.**

meadows***Dennis Meadows** is one of the key figures in the environmental movement over the last 50 years, and one of the authors of perhaps the single best known environmental book “Limits to Growth

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6 Mar 2006

“Revenge of Gaia” – James Lovelock Speaks at Dartington.

lovelockLast Friday I went to see James Lovelock speaking to a packed Barn Cinema in Dartington as a promotion for his new book “The Revenge of Gaia”. The evening was, as I expected, one of mixed emotions, although ultimately I found it deeply frustrating. Lovelock is of course best known as creator of the Gaia theory, that of the Earth as a self-regulating organism. The original book on this theory had a profound effect on me. Seeing him last night, telling us that we are all doomed, and nothing we can think or do will have the slightest effect, felt a bit like seeing a band whose first album completely changed your life and became the soundtrack of a part of your history playing, ten years later, in Butlins, all flabby and sweaty and directionless.

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