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17 Jul 2007

Local MP Enthuses About Transition Town Totnes.

as1How’s about this? Anthony Steen is the Conservative MP for Totnes, and isn’t the first person you would necessarily think of when looking for a green leaning thinker. He has recently undergone what one might call a climate change conversion, and now, seems to have also really grasped the Transition Town thing in a big way. He helped with the launch of the Totnes Pound, and last Saturday, in his monthly column in the local paper, the Herald Express, wrote a piece which was staggering in its enthusiasm for the work that TTT is doing (see below). How this translates into other areas of policy and so on remains to be seen, but credit where it is due for openeness to new ideas.

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15 Mar 2007

Peak Oil and Beyond – Q&A with Heinberg, Campbell and Leggett – Part 3.

dc**Q7. We haven’t touched on personal carbon credits, and I’m wondering – because Jeremy’s been moving in the inner circles of government, and David Milliband’s been talking about them – is this realistic, and what change can they make? I just think that if you could get everybody in to this kind of war spirit, like we all could get involved in doing this, it could actually be really encouraging. It’s a mind set and it’s a PR job.**

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Discussion: Comments Off on Peak Oil and Beyond – Q&A with Heinberg, Campbell and Leggett – Part 3.

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11 Dec 2006

“Plant trees, disband the army, work together: the Tuscan way of surviving collapse” by Ugo Bardi.

**Plant trees, disband the army, work together: the Tuscan way of surviving collapse by Ugo Bardi.**

tosc**Ugo Bardi** is a Professor at the Dipartimento di Chimica at Università di Firenze in Italy, and is also President of [ASPO Italy](”ASPOIT”), who so ably hosted ASPO5 in Pisa earlier this year. In this article, Ugo delves back into the history of his region of Italy, Tuscany, and identifies strategies and lessons of relevance to societies in their attempts to respond to peak oil. Having lived in Tuscany myself for a couple of years, it is a part of the world I am very fond of, so here is an article which mixes post-peak solutions and Tuscan history, and offers some very useful points in so doing.

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20 Oct 2006

Reflections on my Trip to Jersey.

cowsI just spent a very enjoyable couple of days on the island of Jersey, at the invitation of the Jersey National Trust, Jersey Slow Food and the Jersey Organic Association, taking the message of energy descent and powerdown to the island. Jersey is home to about 90,000 people on a beautiful island near the French coast. My trip was organised by Alasdair Crosby, a reporter from the Jersey Evening Post and founder of Jersey Slow Food.

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1 Sep 2006

Transition Town Totnes flyer available.

ttt coverThe flyer for Transition Town Totnes is now done, is at the printers, and will be ready tomorrow. I thought those of you outside of the ‘pop into Totnes and pick one up’ radius would like to see it. It was done by the very creative, professional and patient Simon Blackler of Idealic in Ivybridge. Idealic is a South West Devon design agency specialising in corporate identity, concerned about the affects of climate change, wanting to work with companies who wish to work more sustainably, who I recommend wholeheartedly. You can download it here. Do feel free to print out and distribute or circulate in whatever way seems appropriate.

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