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25 Apr 2006

Interpendence continued – the story of the Swiss Cottage.

swisscottOne of the most gorgeous buildings I have ever seen is the Swiss Cottage near Cahir in County Tipperary. It was built around 1810, and is a fine example of cottage orné, a style that was particularly fashionable among the well-to-do at the time. The cottage was originally part of the estate of Lord and Lady Cahir, and used for entertaining guests. As well as being a fine example of gorgeous architecture, it also offers a very useful allegory for the concept of Interdependence I wrote about yesterday in my review of the recent NEF report on the subject.

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24 Apr 2006

The UK Interdependence Report – A Review

nefThe UK Interdependence Report: How the world sustains the nation’s lifestyles and the price it pays by Andrew Simms, Dan Moran and Peter Chowla has just been published, and is essential reading for those of us promoting localised responses to peak oil. Produced by the excellent New Economics Foundation, it builds on the concept of ‘Ecological Debt’, as outlined in Andrew Simms’ book of the same name.

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22 Apr 2006

New Article on Building Miles published in Resurgence Magazine.

Building Miles – Building for beauty, efficiency and abundance – by Rob Hopkins

wallI wrote the following article which appears in the latest issue of Resurgence Magazine. They have given me permission to reprint it here.

A recent report argued that food can only be called sustainable when consumed within a twenty-mile radius of where it is grown, organic or not. The concept of food miles is generally accepted now, but for most of us it applies no further than food. While green building from the point of energy efficiency is becoming more commonplace, we need to consider the issue of building miles. We need to ask how far have building materials travelled?

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14 Apr 2006

And the Winner Is…..

ChampagneThe relaunched competition was a success, and many thanks to all those who participated (there were loads actually). It was very interesting to hear all your kind comments about the site, and your top 3 postings from **TransitionCulture** since it began, and so here, painstakingly compiled from your entries, backed by Top of the Pops style chart rundown music is your (well the people who entered anyway’s) Top Three!!!

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12 Apr 2006

A Short Break and a Talk in Kinsale.

kp**UPDATE – This talk is now on again, I am going over just for the talk on my way to Dublin**.
This morning’s post will be the last until **April 24th**, (apart from Friday’s announcement of the winner of the cob book competition), as I am going to Ireland for a family Easter break, and to catch up with friends. As part of the trip, I will be giving a lecture in Kinsale (see below) on the evening of Tuesday 18th at 8pm. The talk will be about peak oil and energy descent planning, as well as about how the Kinsale Action Plan came about. I’ll also be

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